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Professional translation and more!

With a passion for languages, my solid academic education and several years of experience, I can offer you high-quality, professional linguistic services.
For smooth written communication and impeccable content in German, your translations are in good hands, as are texts that need to be edited for any professional purpose. If you need an interpreter – be it for a conference or official appointments with the authorities – you can rely on my professional assistance.
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Texte übersetzen
You need a business letter, a website or a brochure to be translated into German? You operate internationally and your clients speak German? For successful written communication, it is best to rely on the work of an expert.
I offer general and technical translation into German, ensuring a professional appearance that will make your international collaboration a success.
After all, translation does not just entail the transfer of the written word from one language into another. Profound knowledge of both cultures and employing the appropriate competencies and techniques is what sets the work of professional cultural mediators apart.

I offer translation into German from the following languages:

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish



Korrektur und Lektorat
In the digital era, it is becoming more and more important that your text stands out from the myriad of carelessly written texts. In addition, it is important to avoid grammatical faux pas and stylistic mishaps in order to maintain a professional image. And you need to ensure that periods and commas remain where they belong, whether the text is to be printed or to be published on your website. Proofreading includes correcting typos, spelling, syntax and punctuation. Having your texts edited, then, makes sure they are coherent, written in the right tone and stylistically appealing. Together we can create a flawless German text that everybody will be happy to read.



Often called the world’s second oldest profession, interpreting ensures effective communication between two parties who speak different languages. I can help you to communicate effectively with your German-speaking partner. As an interpreter, I assume the role of a linguistic and cultural mediator so as to ensure mutual understanding. At conferences where speeches and technical presentations are held, I can offer simultaneous interpreting.

About me: Mario Wagner


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Sprachwerker Mario Wagner
Sprachwerker Mario Wagner
Languages are my passion and my vocation. This is why I resolved to also make them into my career.

In 2009, I enrolled for Transcultural Communication at the University of Graz with the languages English and Spanish, for which I received my bachelor’s degree in 2014. I subsequently enrolled for the master’s degree in Interpreting, during which I attended various courses for both interpreting and translation that focused on a variety of topics. During my bachelor’s degree, I already realized that two foreign languages were not enough for me, and I took up additional courses in Portuguese. During my time at university, I also acquired basic knowledge of Russian, Dutch, Italian, Catalan and French.

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My passion, not only for languages, but also for the respective cultures – especially Spanish and Portuguese – naturally led me abroad. In 2014, I went to Spain on two occasions for internships, in a language school and at an online company, where I worked as a community manager and translator. Immediately after this internship, I went to Lisbon for the academic year 2014/15, for which I had been awarded a scholarship. Here, I had the opportunity to attend courses in subjects such as Portuguese.